“Lessons with Adam reduced my handicap from 30 to 14 in less than two years time. He totally rebuilt my swing but yet made me feel very comfortable with the new mechanics. Adam is the best golf instructor I have ever had by far! Thanks for making the game fun Adam!” -Dave Threlkeld, Punta Gordo, FL – Kingsway Country Club Member

“Adam Miller is the reason my game has shown a huge improvement in all areas! He can help players of all ability levels, from beginner to scratch players” -Dick Bosman, Retired MLB Pitcher, SC – 3 Handicap

“Adam Miller is the best golf instructor in Southwest Florida, hands down.” -Ken Bovill, Boston, MA – 11 Handicap

“Adam is the best. Spotted and corrected my problem immediately.” -Dennis McDonough, FL – 10 Handicap

“If you want it done, go to ADAM!” -Bob Coffey, MA – 6 Handicap


6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Adam is one of the very best. Kingsway Country Club–and all of Charlotte County–have a real golf treasure in Adam Miller Golf.

  2. Adam can move seamlessly between the most accomplished player and the beginner. A terribly gifted teacher!

  3. For about a month I didn’t have confidence hitting my driver – teeing off with irons. Knowing I needed more distance, I had a lesson with Adam. After just one swing, Adam saw what my problem was, explained what was happening, and showed me what I needed to adjust. Now I can drive the ball “wicked faaah”.
    Adam’s teaching skills are incredible!!!!!

  4. I have been struggling with my irons lately so I went to my doctor (adam miller). after a few swings he pointed out my faults, gave me a couple of practice drills, and like magic I am hitting my 8 iron 150 with a divot. I have said it before and I will say it again adam miller is the best golf instructor in sw florida and we are lucky to have him here at Kingsway. ken. bovill

  5. Adam is a terrific golf instructor! Clear, descriptive, and very personable, Adam helps you hone your best game with the physical and mental tools you bring. He is very good at conveying just the right message and illustrating just the right points to make you better. I am a 7 handicap and he helped my short game immensely! My highest recommendation to anyone looking to improve.

  6. Adam is the very best! My wife and I had one lesson with Adam and have already improved tremendously. He was quick to find the areas that needed the most improvement and affectively communicate and correct the mistakes we didn’t even realize we were making. I highly recommend everyone go see Adam!

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