Lesson Plans

Adam Miller Golf at Kingsway Country Club is the only facility or instructor to offer Flight Scope technology. This is the latest in golf instruction and club fitting. Every golfer of every level can benefit from the information a Flight Scope 3D Doppler radar can provide. It truly is the future of golf.

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Private Instruction w/ Lead Teaching Professional, Adam Miller:

    • Single Session – $60
    • 4 Sessions – $200
    • Junior Session – $35
    • 15-Minute Quick Session – $25

Private Instruction w/ Assistant Teaching Professional, Tyler Beasley:

      • Single Session – $50
      • 3 Session Series – $120
      • Junior Session – $35
      • 10-Minute Tune Up w/ Tyler – $10

All sessions are 45 minutes. Half hour lessons tend to go by too fast and sometimes the student will leave feeling as though they are not satisfied with what they have learned. 1-hour lessons tend to drag on and the information becomes repetitive. The 45-minute session is a perfect balance of information and time. Every lesson requires a good summary, and the 15-minute gap between sessions allows for the student to wrap up any loose ends.

“I want to make sure that the student gets the most for their time and money. With the 45-minute system, I feel as though I am able to provide a great balance between time and information.” -Adam Miller

1-Hour Clinic:

Under 10 People (5 person minimum) – $15/person

Over 10 People (20 person maximum) – $10

On-Course Playing Session:

9-Holes – $120

18 Holes – $200

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