The Best Golf Instruction & Lessons in Port Charlotte “Let’s take your swing, and make it better!”

The best golf lessons in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, Fl are from Adam Miller.

From a beginner golfer first stepping onto a course to potential PGA Tour players, his instruction can help your game. Located at beautiful Deep Creek Golf Club, near Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, FL, Adam Miller will help you to take your game to the next level.

“Let’s take your swing and make it better. I am not a method teacher by any means. I believe in solid fundamentals. A lot of golfers are afraid that a golf instructor will break down their swing and change everything. I try to take what you have and instill a few fundamentals to create a consistent swing that you can rely on. Now that I am able to offer Flight Scope, I can take the guess work out of your lesson.” -Adam Miller

14 thoughts on “The Best Golf Instruction & Lessons in Port Charlotte “Let’s take your swing, and make it better!”

  1. Truly great instructor! In a short 6 months Adam has improved my game dramatically. Went from a beginner (literally) to shooting bogey golf for 9 holes! Doesn’t get much better, and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!

  2. Adam is an amazing instructor! Took me from never swinging a club to playing competitive golf and winning with a 16 handicap!!!! Thank you Adam!!!! I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help!

  3. I’ve had a lot of instructors. Adam is the best. He has pointed out things that all the others never even considered, especially in the short game.

  4. Great Golf instructor. I really enjoy my lessons and have seen improvements in my game. Adam is one of the best instructors I have had. Thanks Adam!

  5. Adam helped me improve my 18.4 index into 9.9 index over a period of approximately six months with lessons that averaged every other week. In total, I’ve had about 12 lessons that started with posture and basic swing mechanics, worked on chipping, pitching and putting. Those last 3 helped my scoring more than I thought it would, but more surprisingly was only 2 of the lessons. We did more advanced work on swing mechanics and how to play various lies, and only one lesson on sand play that also helped tremendously. I am continuing with another set of 4 lessons to see how low my handicap can go. My handicap index is available to anyone who wants to view it at Kingways CC. Thank you Adam!

  6. John Lopresti
    Just booked my lessons for this season. I have been a coach at other sports for 40 years and found Adams methods well planned. Just a begginer I know it was wise to take lessons rather than teach myself. Adams short game technique is excellent. With his lessons and practice techniques I went from an 18 to 11 handicap. Save yourself time and strokes and give him a call!

  7. I have always had a high ball flight but not much distance. Literally in one swing Adam so the problem and showed me what the problem was. I could barely hit my 7 iron 130 yards. After just one lesson with Adam and lots of practice I now hit my pitching wedge 120 yards and where I was hitting my six or seven iron it is now my nine iron. my first round out after practicing what I was shown, I shot a 94 😡my next round was an 83 😐but my last round was an amazing 76 🙂 😁 Wow, four over par. Adam is not a “must do this or else” type of instructor. He took what I had and worked with it to make it more sound and more rhythmic. One thing Adam wil tell you and I will also tell you, you have to practice practice practice what he teaches you. I am looking forward to my next lesson and see what the future holds for my game..

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